Retailer Susan Connolly’s Christmas charity event has been given a boost by an unlikely source, the local Waitrose store.

Susan, of Connolly Spar in Wiltshire, organises an annual Christmas Day lunch for older people and families in financial difficulty living in Pewsey, and this year Waitrose is donating funds to help make the event bigger and better.

The supermarket group contacted Susan to lend its backing for the lunch after seeing its success last year and is supporting the cause through its ‘Community Matters Initiative’. Each month three different charities are chosen to participate in the scheme, giving them the chance to receive £1,000. At the end of their shop, customers receive a token to place in a box of the good cause they would most like to support.

Waitrose shoppers chose the Christmas lunch, so Susan will now be receiving an extra £1,000 towards the event.

“Last year we had a brilliant turnout, but with the extra money this year I will be able to cater for even more people and put on an even better day,” she said. “Some 50 people will be attending this year.”

She added: “It feels a little strange to be a c-store working with a multiple, given the competition which is usually found between the two, but it just shows that it can be done.”