Sainsbury’s at Jacksons and Sainsbury’s at Bells are to pool their security resources to combat crime across their stores and Sainsbury’s Locals in the Midlands and North East.

Under a new initiative, security teams from each company will be on call for not only their own group’s crime issues but also those of the other two. They will be alerted of any incidents through a central telephone number at Sainsbury’s head office, which can be found in each store.

The latest move is part of the continued sharing of security best practice ideas between Sainsbury’s at Jacksons security manager Bailey Oliver, Sainsbury’s at Bells security manager Barrie Hodgson and representatives from Sainsbury’s Local. The ideas are discussed at a monthly meeting.

Oliver believes the meetings and new initiative are proving beneficial for each group. He said: “By sharing ideas we can tackle issues more efficiently and are able to use a wider base of crime-fighting initiatives. Each group brings something different to the table: we are able to learn from each other and also try out new things that might not have worked in our own stores but could work elsewhere.”

Oliver also confirmed that Sainsbury’s at Jacksons was set to trial classical music outside one of its stores, with the aim of rolling the scheme out to more stores if it proved a success.