A Blackburn retailer has branded food labelling regulations a "minefield" after being forced to pay out £2,200 in fines.
William Thompson, who owns the William Thompson & Son store on Market Way, Blackburn, claimed that small stores are being hit for breaches that often pass unnoticed in supermarkets.
William found himself in hot water after breaking rules which included selling apples marked as 'English apples' when they should have been marked 'Russett'. Another charge focused on a bag of bean sprouts which contained four cartons that normally sell for 99p each. William had labelled it incorrectly and sold the whole bag for 99p.
He said: "Some mistakes were made, the same as all the big supermarkets make, and I have to accept that. But there was no intention to short-measure anyone, quite the opposite, in fact."
During the investigation, William took a trading standards officer to a national supermarket and pointed out similar labelling inaccuracies.