The new daily betting paper The Sportsman recorded daily sales of 21,819 in April, its first full ABC-audited month.
This figure includes 5,504 bulk copies sold at a reduced price, giving the paper a full price sale of 16,315 copies.
The paper, which had a cover price of £1 in April, lags a fair way behind its rival, Racing Post. It recorded sales of 81,228 a day in April but a year ago was selling 85,103.
The Sportsman made its debut on March 22, claiming it was the first national daily newspaper launch in 20 years, and sold 65,000 copies on its first day.
The national sports title welcomed the figures in a statement as "a solid start" and said it aimed to reach a breakeven audited sale of 40,000 copies by the end of its first year.
The publisher is working on improving the paper's distribution and hopes to cash in on this year's World Cup.