One Stop has signed up five independent retailers to its franchise scheme, prior to a wider rollout early next year.

The franchise concept was first announced in April with an initial trial site in Wiltshire. Since then a further four stores have signed up, two in the Midlands and two in Wales.

The intention is that each of the five stores taking part in the pilot all bring something different to the concept and will help One Stop refine its franchise model before rolling it out to a wider selection of independent retailers in the new year.

Stores taking part include an extended CTN, a neighbourhood convenience store, a post office, an established symbol operator and a “cold start” with no experience of community c-store retailing.

The franchise model is designed to allow independent retailers to run their own stores while benefiting from One Stop’s brand, convenience expertise, support and investment, while also gaining access to the chain’s low-cost operating and distribution network.

One Stop has also secured accreditation from the British Franchise Association, in a move to differentiate the group from symbol and wholesale offerings in the sector.

One Stop chief executive officer Tony Reed commented: “We’re pleased to have added four more stores to our pilot concept. These new partnerships will help to shape the model, as we refine our systems and find out what works best for One Stop and our independent retailers.

“We’re also starting to set up the infrastructure to enable us to roll out more franchise stores, including the recruitment of a team of business development managers, as well as the various support functions required.

“So far the trial is working well and delivering improvements for those taking part. We believe we have a unique offer which will provide retailers with a partnership where they can focus on building a long-term, profitable and sustainable business.”

Retailers interested in finding out more about the One Stop franchise scheme can call 01543 363003 or go to for further information.