The call for a Post Office banking service has increased following the Association of Convenience Stores’ (ACS) submission to the government’s consultation.

In its response, the ACS said that it supported the idea of a Post Office Bank but urged the network to introduce it in a “manageable and sustainable fashion”. 

ACS chief executive James Lowman said the network must offer banking services to remain sustainable. “Anything which will make Post Offices more viable has to be embraced,” he said. “There is clearly public appetite for banking services from the Post Office, and it is important that this potential is developed into a range of competitive yet viable products.”

He added that the Post Office network is important to convenience stores that want to be at the heart of a community.
“Services are a crucial part of the convenience store offer,” he said. “Our members want to be at the heart of a network of services in communities and Post Offices have an important role to play in this network.”

Lowman also said that as well as developing banking services, the network must look at expanding into other areas such as identity and local government services.

A government response to the Post Office Banking consultation is expected later this month.