Shoppers increasingly want c-stores to focus on convenience above all else, according to new research from HIM marketing & consulting.

When asked what was most important when shopping in convenience stores, 49% of respondents said ‘convenience’ - up from 40% in 2014 - followed by cost (26%) and quality (23%).

Only 2% said service was most important, down from 11% in 2014.

“Our latest research has shown that the need for retailers to deliver a ‘convenient’ experience has exploded in the last six months,” said Katie Littler, communications director at HIM.

“Generation C [for convenience] has evolved from Generation P who were primarily price driven. Generation C expects good prices but they also demand ultimate convenience.

“Grocery shopping is already an inconvenience for Generation C so they expect retailers to be doing all they can to get the products they need into their hands in the easier, most stress-free way possible.”

The research also found that service was the most important thing when shopping in supermarkets (40%), above cost (36%), convenience (23%) and quality (1%).

At discounters, cost was the most important (56%) for shoppers, followed by quality (29%) and convenience (12%).