Nisa retailer Rav Garcha has introduced an initiative to encourage children to adopt a healthier lifestyle and choose fresh fruit over chocolate and sweets.

Under the initiative, children of local schools have received five vouchers which can be exchanged for five free pieces of fruit between December 10 and December 21. The scheme applies to Rav’s four stores in the Worcestershire and Shropshire area.

Only one voucher can be used per visit, thereby driving footfall, and each exchanged voucher will be entered into a prize draw which will take place on the last day of term, offering one child the chance to win a Kindle.

Parents are advised to write their email addresses on the back of the vouchers to receive emails from the local store detailing how it supports the local community as well as offers and competitions to drive footfall and raise awareness of what the store has to offer.

“The stores are an important part of the local community and we strive to support local people as much as possible,” said Rav. “This initiative aims to encourage children to eat fruit as a healthy snack whilst also displaying what the stores do for the local community, raising awareness of the stores and driving people to visit.”