Hundreds of people used their local convenience store’s Collect+ service to return parcels on Christmas Day, according to PayPoint data.

The data revealed that a total of 729 consumers used the service to return parcels on Christmas Day in 2018 – a 72% increase from 2017 - with the first parcel being returned at 3:55am on Christmas Day in Peterborough.

Collect+ is available in 7,500 local convenience stores across the country, with figures showing 1,514 people collected parcels from Collect+ stores on Christmas Day, including 207 eBay collections. A total of 2,243 people used the Collect+ service on 25 December.

PayPoint commercial director, Lewis Alcraft, said: “Whilst most of us tucked into our turkey dinners, thousands of workers in 14,000 local stores across the country were serving their local communities.

“Our Collect+ service meant many people were not forced to go without their presents on Christmas Day, we were even able to help those people who couldn’t wait until the day was over to return their gifts.”

The data also showed that most returns took place in London, where 44 people chose Christmas Day to send back their parcels, while the city with the most collections was Glasgow, with 73.