Gluten free products are increasing in popularity and now account for more than 10% of supermarket shoppers’ weekly purchases, a new study by price comparison website has revealed.

The number of shoppers buying gluten free products has also grown by 1.5% year on year with 12.4% of shoppers now buying into the emerging category.

However, the gluten free opportunity is not limited to supermarkets.

From pasta to porridge, bread and cakes, independent retailer Vic Grewl is selling an increasing range of gluten free products in his Simply Fresh store in Thames Ditton, Surrey, while a gluten free aisle end in David Knight’s new Budgens in Henfield, Sussex, has been “phenomenally successful”.

“The demographic here warrants this type of health food, but I’d recommend any retailer to get behind it,” David told Convenience Store.

Kim Ludlow, managing director of, said the rise in gluten free sales was due to both an increased number of people diagnosed with a gluten intolerance “as well as people choosing gluten free products as part of a healthy diet.”

The UK market for ’free-from foods’ is thought to be worth £238m, according to Kantar Worldpanel.