Thomas Mercer

"I've never had to do any last-minute shopping before and don't think I'll need to this year either. I would give food as a present, but I'd put a bit of thought into it, perhaps buying things such as exotic cheeses."

Favourite Christmas food: my Mother's apricot & pork stuffing

Favourite festive gift: exotic cheeses

Kelly Kanapka

"I'll do a lot of top-up shopping in convenience stores, but I'll try to get everything in beforehand. I've had to go to the shops on Christmas Day, but I'd prefer it if they were closed as it ruins the nostalgia of the day. I often give wine or biscuits as gifts."

Favourite Christmas food: glazed ham

Favourite festive gift: cheese

Alex Rosemfield

"I do all my shopping at Co-op because of its ethical policies, so I'm sure I'll be visiting one soon. I don't like the idea of shopping on Christmas Day; I prefer to relax and take it easy. Wine and sweets are often good presents to give to friends."

Favourite Christmas food: Quorn turkey

Favourite festive gift: wine

Kasia Dawson

"I'm not used to shops being open on Christmas Day, but with a young child in the house there's always the danger that batteries for the toys have been forgotten. A top-up shop is usually needed to pick up some last-minute goodies as well. I do give food as Christmas presents, usually gingerbread men for children."

Favourite Christmas food: mince pies

Favourite festive gift: gingerbread biscuits

Susan Mara

"Shops aren't generally open on Christmas Day where I'll be spending Christmas - at home in Georgia, USA - but it would be nice to have the opportunity in case I've forgotten something. I do most of my Christmas shopping in smaller stores. I wouldn't usually give food as a present, but I'd be happy to receive it!"

Favourite Christmas food: roast turkey

Favourite festive gift: wine

Nick Chadwick

"Going to the shop on Christmas Day is often a good excuse to get out of the house if you're bored, so I'm all for it! I'm not really a big fan of the traditional Christmas Day desserts so I'd prefer jelly and ice cream for pudding. I'd give alcohol to friends for Christmas as it's an easy present to pick up."

Favourite Christmas food: jelly and
ice cream

Favourite festive gift: port