A Finnish supermarket has been allowing its customers to sleep the night in its cool aisles as the country continues to sizzle in high summer temperatures.

Marika Lindfors, the manager of K-Supermarket Pohjois-Haaga in Helsinki, took the decision following talks with customers in which they jokingly suggested that the store would be a fantastic place to escape the heat and get a good night’s sleep.

After signing up, 100 customers, mainly parents and children, were allowed to bring mattresses and sleeping bags to the store and bed down on Saturday night.

The happy campers were also able to buy food and drink until 9pm before the lights were dimmed for the night.

“Finland has been experiencing a record breaking heatwave and few apartments have air conditioning,” Marika said.

“There were 100 people who spent the night and many more who wanted to.

“People enjoyed themselves and have been so grateful and happy,” she added.

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