Independent retailers are still experiencing poor availability on certain lines due to ongoing CO2 shortages affecting the supply chain.

During the summer CO2 producers in the UK and northern Europe scaled back operations for maintenance, affecting supply of some alcohol and soft drinks products over a period of high demand driven by hot weather and the World Cup.

Retailers say deliveries of affected lines have improved in the last few weeks, but availability on some products is still poor.

Spar retailer Conrad Davies, who owns a number of stores in Wales, said he was “still struggling” with deliveries of local ales from Cwrw Llyn brewery, which directly blames the supply disruption on CO2 shortages. “Pepsi was a nightmare all summer but now coming through, Schweppes lines are still intermittent,” he added.

Nisa retailer Rav Garcha, who owns six stores, said availability in general was “terrible”, especially with Carling and Walkers crisps.

Alan Carr, who owns a Nisa store in Newport, Essex, said availability of some soft drinks and beer was poor, but it was no better at the local Booker cash & carry.

A spokeswoman for Booker said: “Booker is back in good availability on the great majority of lines we supply to our retail customers.”

A Nisa spokeswoman added: ”Along with others in the industry, Nisa continues to experience some availability issues relating to the CO₂ shortages, however these are improving and we are communicating them regularly to our retailers and offering alternative products wherever possible.”