Cigarettes, newspapers, magazines and lottery are the top shopping missions of men in convenience stores. According to a survey by HIM, 22% of men cited these items as the main reason for their visit to the shops, followed by snacks and drinks at 17%. For women, however, top-up items are the main reason for shopping, accounting for 29% of trips, while cigarettes, news and lottery only account for 13%, and snacks and drinks, 9%. Men and women both like to treat themselves, with 6% and 7% respectively stating 'treats' as the main reason for shopping. And mealtimes are important too, with 2% of men and 3% of women saying that they were in the shop to buy something for their meal that night. Finally, it seems that women are more loyal - with 8% of women and 5% of men stating that 'loyalty' was the main reason they shopped in a particular convenience store.