Retailers concerned about the impact of local parking restrictions on their businesses could benefit from a new right-to-trigger council-led reviews.

Under the right, which is currently being consulted on, a review would be triggered once a petition received at least 50 signatures from council tax payers or at least 10% of the residents or businesses in the affected area.

All manner of parking policies from the use of yellow lines to parking charges could be challenged, with local authorities required to review their policies and produce a report for consideration by councillors in an appropriate public council meeting.

Local government secretary Eric Pickles said the new right would provide a simple, fair and transparent mechanism for road users and shopkeepers to raise concerns.

“Too often yellow lines are imposed on neighbourhoods or the high street without fair consideration of the livelihood of residents, local shops or the availability of parking spaces,” he said. “Now local people will have a direct and democratic right to trigger a formal council led review of road restrictions in their area.

“This government is tackling over-zealous parking enforcement practices and unfair parking charges that force people away from the high street and into out-of-town shopping centres or online.”

The government is proposing that local authorities keep petition organisers updated on progress, and notified when reports are due to be considered and the outcome.

Any petition submitted would also need to include a clear description of the geographical area, which aspects of parking policy were being challenged and why, as well as names, dates and addresses for all people and or businesses signing.

The consultation closes on 10 October. To respond visit