A Nisa retailer has gutted and revamped a store in Hull with a novel design approach that gives staff a 360 degree view of shoppers to help maximise security.

Sarinder Mehat has built the counter space in the centre of the shop, designed to allow staff a full view of the entire store.

The chillers are positioned around the perimeter of the store and a freezer section sits towards the rear of the store with fresh produce displayed in baskets close to the shop entrance.

“This is the first time I have situated a counter in the centre of a store so we will see how it works out,” said Sarinder.

“I’m trialling it to help tackle shop theft – the idea being that we can see every corner of the shop from the counter at all times,” he said.

Sarinder knew he wanted to buy what was a former butcher’s shop, trading as Welburn Foods in the middle of a Hull housing estate as soon as he saw it because of the potential he perceived.

He gutted the 2,000 sq ft The Quadrant housing estate unit, which closed three years ago, to reopen it as a Nisa Local convenience store last week.

“I’ve lived in Hull for 15 years and know every part of the city and this is a great location for a shop. There are very few convenience stores in this part of the city and being in the middle of a housing estate, we should be busy.”

Sarinder, who re-opened the shop as a convenience store last week, said: “We ripped everything out and almost knocked the place down and rebuilt it.

“More than 25 skips of waste have been taken away – old chillers and freezers and so on – and had a complete overhaul.”