A campaign to put the brakes on the energy companies’ unfair treatment of small stores and businesses is continuing to pick up pace as more MPs lend their support.

A dozen MPs have already spoken out in favour of the Association of Convenience Store’s (ACS) Switch to Fair Energy campaign.

The latest MP to add her support is Liberal Democrat Lorely Burt. “Energy companies continue to take advantage of small businesses at a time when energy costs are spiralling and competition in the market is failing to work effectively,” she said. “This is harming the ability of small businesses to grow, invest and create jobs.

“Energy companies have failed to put their house in order and it’s time for regulators to take action from Ofgem. I am pleased to support ACS’s campaign and I have written to Ofgem calling on them to take immediate action.”

The ACS Switch to Fair Energy campaign was launched to highlight the problems that local shops have faced with their energy companies.

Retailers have been subject to rollover contracts, unfair terms and backdated bills costing thousands of pounds - often at no fault of their own.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “The groundswell of support from MPs on both sides of the House sends a clear message to energy secretary Ed Davey and to Ofgem that action needs to be taken to stop these abuses occurring.”