The government has announced £14m-worth of funding to help communities combat crime and antisocial behaviour.

Announced by crime prevention minister Baroness Browning, the Community Action Against Crime Innovation Fund has been allocated £10m over the next two years in order to encourage new and creative ways to tackle crime. The Choices Fund has been given £4m to help develop solutions to reduce substance misuse and offending by young people.

The government's champion for active safer communities Baroness Newlove said she welcomed the move and that a change of culture was needed so that neighbourhoods no longer saw antisocial behaviour as someone else's problem.

"This funding will give communities suffering the effects of crime and antisocial behaviour more of a say in reclaiming their neighbourhoods and making change happen," she said. "We need to acknowledge the fantastic work individuals and informal partnerships are doing, often as volunteers, and let them access this funding too to get on with the job of building strong neighbourhoods in their own innovative way."