Retailers can now accept military ID as proof of age for alcohol, tobacco and other age-restricted products, following a change in government policy.

The Home Office has published updated False ID Guidance explaining the change and how to determine whether the ID is real or not.

The holder’s rank, date of birth, height and name appear on the left hand side of the card. The holder’s Service Number is reproduced at the top centre.

A crown is superimposed over the bottom left of the holder’s photograph. A holograph of the MOD Badge also appears on the top left.

There is no requirement for a Military Identification Card to be signed.

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) is advising retailers to familiarise themselves with the updated guidance, which also includes updated images and supporting text for UK passports.

Chief executive James Lowman said: “This guidance is a useful addition to existing training available and we encourage retailers to use it.

 “Retailers need to prepare their staff for this, especially if they trade near military bases, and the guidance includes images and advice to help identify acceptable military ID,” he added.

To read the guidance in full please visit