Cash management solutions company Loomis has announced a partnership with crime reporting tool Facewatch.

Loomis commercial director Stuart Bartlett said that Facewatch had already been recognised as an invaluable tool in deterring crime.

"The system has been used in Cheshire and London and early results have been impressive, with a vast improvement in solved crimes and time saved in reporting," he said.

Facewatch allows retailers to report crimes immediately online, saving the retailer from having to wait for police to arrive. The company is currently in talks with forces around the country.

Bartlett added that the partnership with Facewatch would benefit Loomis customers who are keen to deter crime and who want to be able to report it quicker. He said Loomis would be offering the service as part of its extended solutions offering.

C-Store readers can get a 25% discount for the Facewatch scheme by calling 0845 437 9629 and quoting Convenience Store. A group of 10 or more retailers in the same area joining together can get a further 10% discount. The offer ends on July 31.