Londis has launched the second stage of its centralisation plans, with retailers now able to order products from the confectionery supplier Bonds via its retail service centres.

The initiative, which Londis claims will save retailers time while ordering and offer increased margins, is part of Londis’ continued centralisation effort.Retailers will also benefit from a centrally maintained price file, reduced admin and improved loyalty payments by adding confectionery to their main order, according to Londis sales director Scott Wharton.

The new selection includes 36 lines from the Sweetshop range, 57 lines from the Kids range, 37 lines from the 39p range and five lines from the Bonds range. All SKUs will be available to order through Londis’ online ordering tool Webshop, where confectionery products have no minimum order quantity. Part of the new package includes an optional consumer ‘3 for £1’ deal.

Londis is also offering an introductory deal for non-stockists, with five free cases and a free merchandising stand. Products will be updated on a quarterly basis to ensure the range is kept up to date and Londis is planning a series of wholesale deals to support the initiative.

With a market value of £6bn for confectionery, and growing at 7.5% year on year, the products are perfectly positioned to capitalise on increased demand, Wharton added.

“The new partnership with Bonds is part of our game-changing centralisation plans, helping retailers save time and boost sales by making Londis a one-stop shop.”