More than 300 independent retailers throughout the UK have signed up so far as ‘community stars’ for National Independents Day (NID) on June 1. The retailers will receive a manual preparing them for local press and media interviews in the run up to NID. It will advise them on how to answer media questions and will also include a list of 50 ideas on how to become more involved and active in the local community. While stocks last, they will also receive free T-shirts, caps and balloons bearing the campaign logo, ‘My Shop is Your Shop (MSYS) - Local and Proud of it’. Chairman of MSYS Alan Toft said: “There’s a hunger for this campaign. The support for driving footfall plus increasing customer awareness on a national scale really is unprecedented.” More than 14 million money-off coupons will appear in MSYS specials in the Daily Mirror and Daily Record on May 27 for redemption at independent outlets.