The earth is warming up and so, too, is pressure on businesses to act in a more environmentally friendly way by reducing, reusing and recycling

The Batteries Directive was enforced earlier this year. Any retailer selling more than 32kg a year (about one AA four-pack a day) of batteries must provide a container for the recycling of all batteries. Stores must register with a collection service which will dispose of the batteries free of charge.

Landfill tax was introduced to encourage consumers and businesses to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by reducing, reusing, recycling or recovering it. The cost per tonne of waste sent to landfill was increased to £48 per tonne in April 2010 and will increase by £8 a year until April 2013.

Wales is banning free plastic bags from May 2012, from when they will cost 7p to buy. Retailers will be required to donate the money from bag sales to charity. Scotland, Northern Ireland and England are all considering restrictions.

Larger stores could be required to conform to the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency scheme, which requires them to report and reduce their carbon emissions. Businesses that consumed more than 6,000 megawatt-hours a year of half-hourly metered electricity during 2008 are affected. 

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