Leading Welsh retailer Conrad Davies has opened a thriving Subway outlet above his Spar store in Pwllheli, and plans to introduce the brand inside two other stores this year.  

Conrad said weekly turnover had already nearly doubled expectations of £3,500 since he opened in December, and he predicted that the current £6,500 turnover would increase to £10,000 at the height of the summer.

However, he said costs would be far less when he opens in-store Subway outlets in his Eurospar stores in Blaenau and Dolgellau.

“The costs will be so much less in store. There’s no more lighting or heating to provide for and the electricity bill would only be an extra £50 a week rather than £150 in Pwllhel. And there’s no extra insurance,” he said.

He has budgeted for a £3,000 weekly turnover when he opens the 350sq ft Subway franchise in his 5,000sq ft Blaenau store. He also expects the Subway to boost in store footfall and sales. 

Explaining his Subway ambitions, he added: “It’s all about the brand - I saw it with Costa Coffee when we introduced the brand in store. I’m getting in on the act with Subway before everyone else does.”