JTI has published a new booklet to help create a greater understanding of the impact of the illegal trade in the UK.

The ‘Take a Stand Against Illegal Tobacco’ booklet details the current state of the illegal tobacco market, breaks down the different forms of illegal tobacco market including counterfeit and non-UK duty paid, and how impending regulation will make it easier for criminals.

The booklet also urges retailers, politicians, law enforcement, local councils, media and the public to take a stand and offers up advice on what they can do to fight illegal tobacco.

JTI head of communications Jeremy Blackburn said the booklet would help stakeholders better understand the impact of the illegal trade.

“Despite the undoubted progress made over the last decade the UK has remained a primary target for tobacco smugglers as a result of having the second highest prices for cigarettes in Europe,” he said. “The recent announcement from the EU to ban 10s, menthol and pouches of tobacco under 30 grams coupled with proposals to introduce plain packaging is a gift for criminal gangs across the UK.

“The booklet explains exactly what is illegal when it comes to tobacco, who is behind the illegal trade, what JTI is doing to combat the issue and highlights what more could be done.”