Retailers in Jersey are bracing themselves for the launch of a tobacco display ban on the island tomorrow.

From 30 October stores of all sizes will have to comply with the new dark market legislation. There are thought to be more than 70 stores on the island which currently sell tobacco.

Independent retailer Gill Costa who owns the Columbus Street Corner Shop in St Helier said she was “anxious” about the ban’s impact on trade.

“We’ve been trying to explain the change to our regular tobacco customers for weeks now but there has been very little other communication of the change elsewhere so awareness levels are low,” she told Convenience Store.

“Imperial Tobacco fitted sliding doors to our gantry just over a month ago and yesterday they came back to add large stickers to the doors which say No ID No Sale and Tobacco Products On Sale Here. That should hopefully help things as up until now shoppers, and particularly tourists, have just assumed that we don’t sell it any more,” she added.

“I’m also anticipating much longer queues at the till as I have to explain to people why it’s covered up and what the cheapest products are.”

A spokesman for the Sandpiper Group which operates the Checkers Xpress and Island Shopper convenience fascias said its retail teams had worked closely with the tobacco suppliers “and as a result, the alteration process has run smoothly.”

“All our staff have attended training sessions supported by our tobacco suppliers,” he added.

Retailers on the channel island of Guernsey are expected to start complying with a tobacco display ban from June 2015.