James Convenience Retail (JCR) has disclosed ambitions for 200 stores over the next few years, most of which would operate under its Select Convenience model.

The convenience stores and newsagents business, which currently has 98 outlets, has put 10 Supernews sites on the market as it undergoes a rebranding and refit.

The next six months will see it convert its shops to either GT News or Select Convenience with new fascias installed across the group over the next three to four months at a cost of anything from £10,000 to £100,000 a store.

JCR, owned by convenience industry stalwart Jonathan James, a former chairman of the Association of Convenience Stores, bought First Stop News, Rippleglen’s parent company, a year ago.

Jonathan said: “As we move across to a more convenience model the convenience brand will be by far the most dominant.

“We are extremely acquisitive and we hope within the next three years to at least double the size of the estate all across the UK. There are not any particular locations we favour.”

JCR’s stores spread from Bristol in the South West to Sunderland in the North East. Jonathan said the company was constantly evolving its news offer so it was still a key part of the business and something it was invested in and would continue to be in 2020.

“We are still integrating the Rippleglen estate but in a couple of months we will be able to look at how we take that whole business forward yet again,” he added.