James Lowman 5 – Page 3

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    Political engagement


    Invite your MP and councillors to your stores, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    Political change


    The No vote in the Scottish referendum heralds a new wave of changes across the UK, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    Monitoring alcohol policy


    The ACS will fight proposals to restrict the number of alcohol licences in an area, says James Lowman.

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    Understanding the impact


    ACS chief executive James Lowman urges the Department of Health to look at the real evidence when comes to assessing the impact of plain packaging.

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    What communities want


    The overall message of a new ACS report is simple - people want diversity on their high streets, says chief executive James Lowman.

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    Brand new levies


    Mandatory plastic bag charges is one piece of regulation which the ACS is fully supportive of, says chief executive James Lowman.

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    Positive energy


    Convenience store owners are no better placed to deal with energy companies than domestic consumers, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    Reducing the strength


    An Ipswich scheme to tackle street drinking has been a success, but clarity is needed to ensure such schemes are rolled out effectively elsewhere, James Lowman argues.

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    Waiting for the Budget


    The Chancellor’s Budget will hold more interest than usual for retailers this year, says James Lowman.

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    Avoiding alcohol duty fraud


    The ACS is stepping up its campaign to tackle alcohol duty fraud.

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    Autumn watch


    The Autumn Financial Statement has become one of the most important days in the political calendar, says James Lowman.

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    Fix a broken system


    The rates system is broken and the onus is on George Osborne to fix it, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    Planning ahead


    Maintaining a town centre first planning policy is vital for our high streets, argues James Lowman.

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    Making headlines


    Retailers need to take a common sense approach to displaying lads mags in their store.

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    Crime fighting


    ACS is lobbying MPs on the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill, but retailers concerned about recent developments need to focus on local engagement too, says James Lowman.

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    Anti-social amendments


    It’s a shame the government has undermined positive measures in the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill by introducing a last-minute clause, says James Lowman.

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    Inside Parliament


    The ACS gives evidence to MPs on the challenges facing the industry.

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    Embracing the future


    Effective engagement is the key to facing the challenges ahead, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    Shaping the debate


    Retailers and other communities stakeholders have to step up and make themselves heard on crime and other issues like neighbourhood planning, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    On a roll(over)


    The government’s recognition that local shops should be given more protection is a step forward and welcome reward for all of you, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.