Award-winning Spar retailer James Brundle has overseen “phenomenal” sales at his new concept store in Hackney, east London, since opening in May.

The 3,000sq ft Eat 17 store combines an array of local products, a burger bar and an upstairs restaurant, as well as a number of unique features including refillable wine barrels, an ‘iconic’ London florist and Eat 17’s own Bacon Jam range.

In the first nine weeks of trading sales were up 16% on expectations, with some customers spending up to £250 a shop, he said. Total shop and burger bar sales are currently “just shy” of £40,000 and not far off the first year £50,000 target.

The proportion of products from Spar distributor Blakemore Trade Partners and local suppliers is about 70/30. Spar own brand represents about 25% of sales and is performing well, James added.

Alcohol accounts for about 30% of overall sales, with Spar brand representing about half of wine sales.

Neil Mercer, Blakemore Trade Partners sales director, said Spar Hackney was an excellent example of its partnership with visionary independent retailers.

“Spar is a progressive symbol group that tailors stores to retailer and shopper needs, whether it’s a transient customer in Northampton, a ‘Tonight’s Tea’ shopper at Calver or an adventurous foodie here at Hackney,” he said.

“Tied in with the energy of entrepreneurs, there’s no stopping us.”

Meanwhile, Blakemore Trade Partners is investing £2m in co-investment with its retailers in 2014/15, as well as £400,000 for retail IT development.

James’ other store, Spar Walthamstow Eat 17 in north London, won the Convenience Retail Awards in 2011.