A Cheshire couple have been jailed in what is believed to be the first ever prosecution for making and selling fake ID cards.

Adrian Holmes, 32, recieved a two year sentence and and Lucy Sanders, 28, one year for producing fake photo driving licences and national ID cards which they sold to under-18s. Sentencing the couple, Judge Elgin Edwards said their business “effectively drove a coach and horses through an area of control of youthful drinking.”

Andrew Chevis, chief executive of legitimate ID scheme CitizenCard, told Convenience Store: “Fake ID destroys all the good work that police, trading standards and responsible retailers are doing to prevent underage sales. Websites offering fake ID have been aiding and abetting criminal offences for years now, so I am pleased that the Crown finally recognises the fact. I hope that Trading Standards now acts to prosecute anyone producing fake ID.”

“The PASS hologram is the best way to ensure that an ID or proof-of-age card is valid,” he added. “Retailers should reject all other ID unless 100% certain that a passport or driving licence is genuine.”