More than 10 tonnes of illicit confiscated alcohol has been destroyed in East London, following a series of raids on shops and restaurants.

The alcohol, estimated to have been worth £75,000, had been confiscated by Newham Council’s licensing team following raids on shops suspected of selling illicit alcohol, or alcohol without a licence.

Goods were also confiscated from off-licences found to be breaching their licences by selling super-strength beers, and restaurants selling wines and spirits without having paid the correct duty.

The alcohol, which included crates of Guinness and Heineken, as well as counterfeit spirits and bottles of wine, had been held by the council to be used in court evidence.

Last week the team cleared out their evidence room and sent away 10 tonnes for destruction.

Councillor Ian Corbett, mayoral advisor for environment and leisure, and chairman of the licensing sub-committee, said: “Breaching licensing conditions, selling counterfeit booze and not paying alcohol duty are not victimless crimes. 

“Off-licences selling super strength or fake booze can often be the source of anti-social or even violent behaviour either on our streets or behind closed doors. They also pose a huge health risk to those drinking it. These irresponsible shops put people at unnecessary risk which is why the council imposes strict limits on the strength of alcohol that can be sold in the borough. 

“And those dodging taxes are putting unnecessary additional strain on the country as it means there is less money to fund vital services like the NHS, schooling and emergency services.”