Convenience retailers are being targeted by HubBox, the click and collect service as ideal pick up points for its rapidly growing network.

Retailers can become a HubBox collection point for free and the courier will pay a minimum of 50p per parcel collected from the store. HubBox will also pay £2 for every user that subscribes to that shop along with cash bonuses if the retailer signs up new users.

Retailers do not have to implement any additional equipment to become a collection point and training is also provided free by HubBox representatives.

HubBox allows shoppers to use the service at any online shop and collect everything they order all from one HubBox collection point. Online shoppers join HubBox for free by registering via the HubBox website on their computer, tablet or mobile device and will be given a unique HubBox code that can be entered upon checkout, for quick, simple parcel delivery.

Sam Jarvis, HubBox CEO, said: “HubBox is a reliable click and collect service serving Greater London and soon the rest of the UK. We are unique in that HubBox click and collect works with any online retailer, so shoppers never miss deliveries from any of their favourite retailers. We love working with convenience stores because of their great locations and opening hours. They are also well known by local customers and are trusted by shoppers. As a result we already have many store owners running the HubBox solution who’ve identified it as a great way to introduce additional income and attract more customers to their stores. As an example, one of our existing locations received 250 parcels in a single month which significantly increased the footfall and ancillary business.”

HubBox launched in April 2015 and has over 300 collection points across Greater London.