A chip off the old block 
In September Cadbury revamped its Cadbury Drinking Chocolate, Cadbury Instant Chocolate and low-calorie Cadbury Highlights with a modern pack redesign. As part of the revamp, the deep purple colour and swirling logo were both emphasised through a sharper and more contemporary design. The Cadbury Highlights pack also picks out the product's key aspect that it contains only 40 calories per serving. The activity was supported by a £1.5m marketing campaign. 
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Evening entertainment 
Horlicks invested £3m in a new 'Made For Evenings' campaign in November, which encouraged consumers to reclaim their evenings and unwind by drinking Horlicks. The ad will run again from mid-January to March 2011. On-pack promotions have a 'heat reveal' mechanic, whereby consumers have to place their warm mug of Horlicks against a label to reveal a unique code to see if a prize has been won. Prizes to help consumers 'unwind' include an iPad, digital radios, TVs and HMV vouchers. 
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Mountain climb 
Typhoo brought its Red Mountain Gold coffee brand up to date recently with a new pack design and reformulation, giving consumers a 'better-tasting' freeze-dried product. The range includes Red Mountain Gold and Red Mountain Medium Roast coffee, both of which had a packaging overhaul and now boast warmer colours and clearer images of coffee beans. The coffee still retains its 'Ground coffee taste without the grind' tagline, made famous in the 1980s. 
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Student staple 
Nescafé Original 3in1 pre-mixed blend of coffee, whitener and sugar was designed with the aim of bringing more young people into the instant coffee category. The variant, which was launched in September in time for the new university year, is available in single sachets for the convenience sector, priced at 25p each. "We're providing a coffee that has a sweeter taste while delivering the maturity of being a coffee drink," says Nestlé trade communications manager Graham Walker.
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