Crime, pensions and training were among the areas to be addressed in the government's legislative agenda for the coming year, revealed in the annual Queen's Speech.
On crime, the government has called for the introduction of new Violent Offenders Orders - post-sentence restrictions on violent criminals. It also says it would amend the law on self-defence to ensure people who act with "reasonable force" to defend themselves, others and their property are "fully protected" under the law.
It also proposed reducing "unnecessary burdens" placed on business by local authority regulations.
Measures to hit employers with financial penalties if they fail to release employees under the age of 18 for at least one day's accredited training a week have also been floated, as have tougher sanctions for those not complying with the National Minimum Wage regulations.
Employers could also be forced to make mandatory contributions to employees' pensions.
The Association of Convenience Stores welcomed the Queen's Speech, but said that it would be keeping a close eye on some of the proposals. Chief executive James Lowman said: "We will watch closely developments on the proposal to increase requirements around training for staff under the age of 18, and also the Pensions Bill, which will add significant costs to businesses."