RICHMOND ICE CREAM has launched Profit Quest, an integrated campaign of new Nestlé and Skinny Cow products. The activity aims to boost ice cream sales around the Christmas period and beyond. First products to be launched are Nestlé-branded ice cream rolls. The rolls come in three varieties - Rolo, black forest and fruit trifle - and are available to retailers at two for £2.50 but they retail at £1.99 each. A truffle berry flavour has been launched under the Skinny Cow brand with less than 3% fat per 100ml serving and less than 100 calories. The 500ml tubs are available to retailers at two for £4 and retail at £3.49 each.
As part of the campaign Rowntree’s Fruit Pastil-lolly, Rolo and Fab multipacks are available at half price.

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