Two mums, Anna Boletta and Natasha Dowse, have launched a premium ice cream range for children.

Minioti contains protein, calcium, live cultures and is sweetened with plant extract Stevia, rather than sugar.

Products are made with Jersey milk, which has a high butterfat content and 20% more protein and calcium than milk from other breeds. It is also naturally lower in saturated fats.

The 500ml ice cream tubs (rrp £4.99) come in strawberry, vanilla and milky chocolate. To give the products extra appeal, each tub features cartoon images of Jersey cows, each with their own names and hobbies. There is bookworm Oti, football-mad Red, thrill-seeker Lou; and dancing duo Leo and Lisa.

Boletta said: “Natasha and I sat together one day and imagined how great it would be if children could indulge in the foods they love, without parents feeling guilty about giving them. We are both passionate about healthy eating, and wanted indulgent treats for children and the family, without any added nasties; and which also help little people grow and develop. So instead of imagining, we got in the kitchen, took out Natasha’s little ice cream maker and Minioti was born.”

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