A female store assistant had a gun put to her head during an armed robbery on a Hampshire c-store. A robber entered the Stop ‘n’ Shop store in Sholing, near Southampton, and walked up to the store’s till, which he demanded to be opened.
When he was refused, the raider pointed the gun at the member of staff’s head and ordered a fellow worker to hand over money from the till plus a packet of cigarettes. The robber then fled from store, leaving the two sales assistants shaken but unhurt by their ordeal.

A Leicester-based c-store owner was beaten up while trying to protect a young paper delivery girl from two men who were raiding his store. The retailer, who does not wish to be named, was tied up and told he would be killed unless he handed over cash from the store’s till. He had told the young girl to run away but was then attacked by the two raiders, who also stole an amount of cigarettes during the raid. The retailer was left with severe bruising.

A pair of scheming former Oxford Co-op workers have been jailed for 12 months each for conspiring to rob more than £31,000 from the c-store at which they used to work. Rebecca Boaden, 19, from Oxford, and Hailey Greenwood, also 19, from Little Cowley, were found guilty at Oxford Crown Court after a jury heard how the pair relayed information about security at the Co-op Welcome store to their friends and members of their families. When a masked robbery took place, Boaden delayed a Securicor driver, allowing the whole of the Bank Holiday weekend’s taking to be stolen. Judge Julian Hall told the accomplices: “You are both bright young women, you are quick-witted but you are very immature and very silly and this is a hard lesson you have been taught.”