The family of murdered retailer Gurmail Singh have re-opened his store five months after he was killed in a brutal attack.

Gurmail's sons Bobby and Jas, who are now running the Cowcliffe Convenience Store in Huddersfield, said the care and support of local residents and other businesses had given them the strength to re-open. "We thought long and hard about re-opening, but over the past few months the community has carried on coming to see the family, not even to ask about the shop, but just wanting to know how we were," said Bobby. "As a result, we wanted to be here for them. We wanted to do it for the community and for our dad."

The family have bolstered the store's security, adding new CCTV cameras, extra lighting at the entrance, and moving the counter to the back of the shop to better protect the staff. They have also kept Gurmail's name above the store, and have a picture of him behind the counter.

Gurmail was attacked in his store in February while closing up. Five men have since been arrested and charged with his murder. A preliminary trial date has been set for August 31.