A focus on increased value for the customer saw sales at Lifestyle Express stores rise by 16% in 2008.

Landmark Wholesale also recruited 376 new stores to the fascia over the course of the year.

Retail controller Raj Krishan claimed: “Last year the symbol group sector grew by approximately 600 stores, of which 376 were Lifestyle Express. Our stores engage with today’s consumers offering a practical and competitive solution for a community-based store.”

The group’s ‘Shop Often, Shop Local, Spend Less at Lifestyle Express’ marketing campaign had been successful in reducing waste and helping consumers save money by shopping frequently at their local stores, he said.

“Lifestyle Express stores are stepping up to the plate and reminding the consumer that shopping locally makes sense with the right offering at the right price,” Krishan added. “The fantastic sales increases which are coming through reflect that this is exactly what the consumer is looking for.”

Sales figures based on Landmark Wholesale’s top 80 supplier sales were up 4.7% on the previous year.