An elderly retailing couple foiled an armed robbery on a c-store in Lancashire with the help of a wheelchair.
The 70-year-old store owner was working behind the counter of Taylors c-store in Atherton, when a man approached her armed with a kitchen knife.
The robber ordered her to put money in the bag he was carrying, but the owner snatched the bag while her husband grabbed a nearby wheelchair, which belonged to his wife, and rammed it into the raider.
The robber ran into the store’s back room and then fled empty-handed.

A Hertfordshire c-store manager has vowed to continue working in his store despite criminals raiding the shop for the fifth time in 18 months and injuring his wife.
Three men, one armed with a hammer, entered the Unwins food and wine store at Hockerill near Stansted Airport and pushed over the 58-year-old wife of store manager Frederick Rowe.
There was a scuffle and the robbers escaped with less than £80 from the store’s till, leaving the retailer’s wife with injuries to her back.

A gang of ram raiders was forced to flee empty handed after a brave c-store retailer threatened to set his rottweiler dog on them when they struck at his store in Lancashire.
Mohammed Munir was sitting in the flat he owns above his store in Prestwich, when a car was reversed into a side wall of the store.
The retailer ran downstairs as the gang reversed the car through the wall, but before they could go through into the store, Mohammed confronted them and shouted at his children to get his dog.
The raiders made their escape in another car, which was parked nearby, leaving Mohammed with around £1,500 worth of damage to his premises.