The collapse of Woolworths failed to provide cracking Easter egg sales for c-store retailers.

Many had hoped that the demise of the high street chain would enable them to take a bigger bite of the market.

However, the rock bottom prices at which eggs were being sold at the multiples left many c-stores unable to compete.

Mina Patel, who owns a Mace store in Bow, East London, said she had decided to stock no standard Easter eggs this year. "After Woolworths went bust we thought that we would be able to do well on Easter eggs, but the supermarkets bought up all the stock and sold it at ridiculously cheap prices which we had no way of competing with.

"The only egg that we did sell was a premium Green & Black's, and that was largely because we got a good deal with our rep."

Independent retailer Mike Boyce of Daisy Fresh and Essential in Wolverhampton also boycotted medium-sized eggs. "We sold only a small range of small and large eggs," he said.