Retailers with a Movie Booth Ltd DVD kiosk say they have been left in the dark over the demise of the company.

According to Companies Registration House, the company was dissolved earlier this year, but retailers with kiosks in their store have yet to be officially informed of the company's situation.

James Brundle of Spar Walthamstow in East London has had a Movie Booth kiosk in his store for eight months. He became worried when the company stopped sending out new releases several months ago. "Customers began to notice and it reflected badly on us," he said. "We made numerous attempts to get this resolved, but they kept putting us off. Eventually, we couldn't get through to them."

According to James, the company made no attempt to communicate the situation to him. "The way they've handled this has been a joke a simple letter would have been enough and we could have made alternative arrangements," he said. "But now we're stuck without the service and the kiosk itself has just been left here."

He added that he received none of the commission he was due over the eight-month period.