Londis Claygate retailer Hiral Patel is enjoying rejuvenated footfall following the fitting of a new attention-grabbing 46” digital HD poster in his Surrey store window.

The Street Social TV screen is designed to look like a giant tablet device and allows companies to advertise goods and services directly to passing trade.

Companies simply need to register on the website www.streetsocial.tv/home, and then create their adverts with its simple online tool.

“I don’t have anything to do with managing the adverts, that’s all done by the team at Street Social TV,” explains Hiral. “I simply give up the window space and the screen itself was also free for me to install. The only cost to me is the extra electricity that is used to power it, but it’s more than worth it considering the vast interest that the screen has generated.

“I’ve had dozens of people come in to the store just to ask me what the screen is, and dozens more asking me how they can advertise on it. It’s proving to be a very powerful footfall driver which in this climate is a great thing.”