When Natubhai Patel got in touch from his interestingly-named Tudor Library in South Croydon, he had been trying to get credits for 10 travel magazines worth nearly £45 from News UK since April. After much wrangling News UK did say it would credit him “next week”, but this had gone on for many weeks.

I involved Dorothy King from the Press Distribution Forum to activate the complaints process. She, too, was told that the credits would happen “next week”. And this time, they did!

But for Glen Hansraj (News Flash, Rayleigh, Essex) the complaints process is too lengthy and, for him, it worked once but the problem is recurring.

“We’re not getting credit for missing items from Menzies. You have to ring on a premium line. They give you a reference and then say ‘you were delivered in full’. Why would I spend money on a premium line if I had been delivered in full? If you are one copy of The Sun short you have to ring them up, costing 40p, and then only make 2p on The Sun.”

He says Menzies is “a one-way computer” and he would like to see a freephone number.

That sounds like a good idea - I don’t imagine many of you ring up your wholesalers to waste their time just having a chat.