I have no idea whether I helped in this case. Tarsem Sambhi called from Skellow Convenience Store in Doncaster with a problem with his card machine supplier, Paymentsense. Back in June he gave them 30 days’ notice to cancel. But First Data was still taking the money for processing. By the time he contacted me the terminal had gone back to Paymentsense and he had an Epay one in its place. First Data told him not to cancel the direct debit (£25 a month) but to keep it open for the refund. Except that five months later there still hadn’t been a refund.

As instructed by Paymentsense’s website I submitted a press enquiry at the end of November and got an automatic response saying that someone would be in touch within so many working days. But no one did. I checked back with Tarsem at the beginning of the year and he had got the refund, but no interest and no communication whatsoever.