Ajay Parekh was incensed to receive an invoice for £234 from Camelot for an engineer’s callout to attend a faulty terminal at his Londis store in Radford, Nottingham.

He sent them a furious email which said in part: “The day your engineer arrived and played with printer at the time he acknowledged there was a fault, as he saw tickets were not printing correctly, they were overlapping, jamming in front of his eyes. Thus his solution was to remove and replace. Then to receive an invoice three months later, saying no fault was found is just not good enough!

“After almost 20 years dedicated service to your company this is how we are treated.

“I was here on the day of the visit  and remember it very well, as we shared drink and a smoke outside. (Double yellow lines outside – so was keeping eye on his vehicle).”

Oh dear, the email continued in furious vein for quite some time.

I got in touch with Camelot in support of Ajay and two days later a spokesperson replied: “The charge was not for the replacement printer, but for a missed engineer visit earlier in the day. Having previously agreed a slot with Mr Parekh, our engineer turned up to find the shop closed. Our engineer then had to re-arrange the visit for later in the day – so the charge was applied for the original aborted visit.

“However, given that there seems to have been a misunderstanding about why this charge was applied, my colleagues have given Mr Parekh the good news that they have agreed to waive the fee in this instance.”