Chandrakant Patel, who runs a Spar at New Cross in South-east London, has been having a tussle with PayPoint over his ATM. He had the ATM for about three years and says that PayPoint told him the contract had expired in May. He told PP that he didn’t want to continue with it as he was losing money.

According to him, when the transaction fee went up to £1.75, people lost interest and he was not making enough commission to pay the £100 + VAT rental.

He was told to put it in writing that he was finished with the ATM and he says he did this, but was subsequently told that the letter was never received.

He wrote again, recorded delivery and that letter was received.

Meanwhile, he stopped filling the machine, but PayPoint started charging £84 a week for ‘non use’. There was also a suggestion that he may have to contribute to the decommissioning cost.

However, I am happy to report that it is now sorted. PayPoint’s public affairs spokesman Peter Brooker explained: “As Chandrakant says, we told him in May his contract term had expired, at which point it went on to a rolling contract. Although he said at the time that he would write to confirm he wanted the ATM decommissioned, it seems he didn’t do so for another two months, and then we didn’t receive the letter. In the event, we only received the letter on October 12, and acted on it immediately.

“I’ve looked at the background to Chandrakant’s issues with his ATM and we are prepared to remove the ATM and waive the notice period normally required under the rolling contract. Obviously, we’ve also waived the non-transaction charges since receiving the letter.”