And here’s a request for more feedback! Colin Duncan had major, major probs with his epos system, now sorted after an eight-week wait (and he kindly thanked me for my input).

He says: “I managed to get some info from the chap who installed the replacement system. He said that the problem had been that the supplier of the software wanted paying again for the licence, even though he had already been paid for the original software licence that had been lost on the broken hard drive.”

This got him wondering whether he could end up with the same problem.

He says: “I know when I have bought a new laptop or PC over the years you get licence keys for Windows and so on if the worst should happen you can re-install your programs by using these codes. Having these codes is proof that you have paid for your original software. Our tills are basically Windows-run PCs, but no sign of any licence keys on them. Has anyone else had this problem?” •