Back in May I reported that Dinesh Amin had rung from One Hour Photo and Newsagent in Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, over a business rates consultant’s actions. SJ Associates from Greater Manchester had cold-called promising big savings. Dinesh gave them a cheque for £900.

He had liked their professional-looking website, but his son read online reviews labelling them scammers. Dinesh cancelled the cheque after the Valuation Office Agency told him that no work had been done on his behalf. Barclays said it was the right thing to do.

SJ Associates then threatened to sue him for £1,300. He told them he was willing to pay if they made good their promises. Otherwise he would see them in court.

In late September he got a statutory demand from ComPay UK for the money, or face bankruptcy. As I said to Dinesh you cannot respond to a statutory demand yourself. It means that SJ Asscociates will bankrupt him. The only way to deal with it is to get a lawyer.

He went to Citizens Advice pronto and they said the same thing. They can only advise; they can’t act on his behalf.

As this is being written Dinesh is consulting a solicitor. She found it interesting that ComPay lists its client, the creditor, as SJ Associates Ltd Carpet and Flooring Ltd. And they got Dinesh’s trading name wrong, too. She has applied to have the demand set aside. We will keep you posted.