Julia Walder wondered if she was being set up when a very persistent lady kept ringing up to tell her that she was paying too much for her electricity at St Martin Store in Isles of Scilly.

The woman said she was calling from the UK Energy Council and was working on behalf of the National Grid which had alerted her to the fact that Julia was paying too much (this can’t be right: the National Grid doesn’t do price matches). Then she wanted Julia’s bank details. Julia didn’t hand them over. Full marks.

I suggested to Julia that if she did want to check whether she could get a better deal then she might be better off going to a recognised broker like C-Store’s own energy partner, Utilities Direct (http://convstore.udswitchit.co.uk, or call 0161 945 5288) which won’t charge for its services and will ensure you don’t get stuck in a rolling contract.

And, tiresomely, I must repeat, don’t go for cold calls - not even if you are in the market for whatever. You make the call, from the list you have researched. And then ask pertinent questions from the other list you made. It really is the best way.